Purpose of this site and how does this pertain to the internet and why am I putting this page up?

Well, as I see it, the internet, or 'Cyberspace' is not unlike what has been called the 'Astral Plane'. What is the Astral Plane? Well, it is a place or alternate dimension if you will, where our Astral forms go, it is akin to the physical plane in that it has a landscape, and, or so it's said, is superimposed upon the physical plane and it has many many inhabitants with whom we can interact. Yes, I know this is sounding very metaphysical, it is. Bear with me though, and I will explain further how it pertains to the internet.

'Cyberspace' is a place where anything and everything is possible, with the use of technology, some coding, and a good imagination, you can find or make vast worlds, there are people on the internet traveling around through Cyberspace as specks of light and energy, going from one place to another, all of whom can be interacted with. Cyberspace can be made and remade by our will and imaginations to become anything we choose it to be. This is also how the Astral Plane is described, it has form, people go there and travel around it as specks of light and energy, and through their will and imaginations, can manipulate the very substance of the Astral Plane to make it be whatever they wish, it is the place we go in our dreams, where our dreams become real, as is Cyberspace, they are akin and yet very different.

Why am I putting this page here, well, that's quite simple, because I can. It will always be a work in progress, it will change and mutate as my will and imagination decides. This page will lead to vast worlds in Cyberspace, places of wonder, places of solitude and beauty, and yes, places quite ugly to behold.

All it will take is our imaginations.

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